Bathroom designs

Bathroom Interior Decor Manifestation

The best thing about any room or place in a house is its texture and color. The more eyes catching the color the more will be the attractive room. Another important thing which is slightly more important than the color of the ceiling and the walls is the space of the room. The room must be spacious enough for the purpose it is being used like living room must be occupying a large space as more people are supposed to sit there. Some factors which should be taken under consideration while designing your bathroom are as follow:


In early times, the space of bathrooms was kept quite small as they were considered an unimportant part of the house. But now a days the theory has been changed, people give equal importance to their bathrooms as they give to their bedrooms. Different stylish types of sinks are arranged in bathrooms along with a large bath tub and shower box. All these things need a bit more space and that’s why now a day bathrooms are been made big.

Paint color:

The paint color can be same as that of the rest of the house to give a same theme look but there is different paint in different rooms then you can match or do a contrast with the paint of the room with which the bathroom is attached. You can use any of the colors according to your mind and will but basically light colors go well in bathrooms.


The flooring of the bathroom must be hydrophilic as there is a lot of water in bathroom it can damage the flooring of the bathroom. Hydrophilic flooring may be tiles, chips or special type of wood. You can also place a rug on the floor near your bath tub for giving a luxury touch to your design. Flooring can be done in contrast to the color of the ceiling.

Sanitary ware:

The most important thing of any bathroom is its sanitary ware and it includes the sinks, bath tubs, commodes, wash basins, shower boxes and taps etc. this all can be chosen of a color in contrast to the surroundings of the bathroom. Means if you have a red bathroom you can easily choose white sanitary wares. Only white is the color which can go with any color so its better to select the sanitary wares of white color as it gives a very descent and delicate look.


Cabinets under the sinks are very necessary for a bathroom to keep different things in them like soaps, shampoos, brushes, antiperspirants, body sprays and towels etc.


Small indoor plants can give a fresh look to your bathroom so you can also place some beautiful small indoor plants in your bathrooms.


Toiletry, bath tub and shower box are all in a same bathroom but you can separate the toiletry portion using a small portioned wall which does not goes up to the ceiling.

Glass work:

More and more glass work in a bathroom gives a feeling of privacy and you can also use it for enhancing the beauty of your bathroom. You can place large wall mirrors in your bathroom to have a better look at yourself and you can also use glass walls to separate different portions of a bathroom. Toiletry can be separated with glass walls, bath tub can be surrounded by glass walls and even shower box can be made of glass. This gives a very luxurious feeling.


It is very important that the bathroom must be airy and fully ventilated and one does not feel suffocation while going inside.