Furniture design ideas

There are different rooms and areas in a home and they all are different in their need of furniture means we can’t accommodate same type of furniture in all rooms, their requirement of furniture is different from each other and in this article we a re gonna discuss these needs of the rooms.

Bedroom furniture:

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Here we start with the heart of the home; a bedroom. A bedroom can be decorated and furnished with lots of different styles of furniture like wooden, steel or leather furniture. The most important and necessary thing of a bedroom is a bed and it can be of any type according to the need, liking and budget. Most of the traditional looking beds are made up of wood with highly hand craved work but on the other hand a modern look can be given to a bedroom by using platform beds or leather beds. If you need more space for your necessary stuff you can have a storage bed in your bedrooms which have a rolling drawer below it. An addition of a sleeper sofa or sofa bed in a bedroom can allow you to invite your friends or relatives to share a room with you.

Beside a bed another important part of a bedroom is armoires and they can also be according to your need, liking and budget. There are different types of armoires like steel, wooden and even glass. You can match them with the color of your walls and other furniture.

A dresser is also required in a bedroom along with some nightstand drawers and they can also be placed according to the other furniture. If you are willing to have a luxurious wooden bed in you bedroom then it is advisable to choose all other furniture also of wood.

Kid’s bedroom furniture:

A kid’s bedroom must be of according to the kid’s will and liking otherwise he/she will not love to live there. The color of the furniture should be the kid’s favorite color because then he/she will like using it otherwise they will try to destroy it.  For a boy try to arrange a furniture of blue shades and that for a gal of pink and red shades. If one bedroom is shared by two kids its better to have a bunk bed in their room. There should be lots of storage and racks in kid’s room for placing their toys and books. Rugs should be according to their state of mind and a rocking chair will rock their room.

Living room furniture:

For living room the most important thing is the sofas which can be wooden, steel or leather types. The increasing the sitting space of the room along with sofas you can also place some sectional sofas, love seats, recliner lounge chairs, leather ottomans and stools and chaise lounges. Fabric sofas are very trendy these days and mostly people use them in their living areas as they give a very classy look.

If you have an idea of watching a movie with lots of friends you can also add some bean bags to the space. Book cases and shelves are also required in this zone of the home along with side tables and end tables placed next to the sofas. Glass or wooden coffee tables are also an important feature of living rooms.

Last but not the least there must be a LCD plasma TV or simple TV stand where you can place you TV set along with DVD and CD player.

Kitchen furniture:

There is a very little furniture in the kitchen which may include counter stools, trolleys, bar cabinets and bar height tables. You can include and exclude any thing in your kitchen according to your need and budget.

Dining room furniture:

You can decorate your dining room with beautiful dining table sets which can be wooden, steel or glass. Dining chairs are an important thing relating to dining room and they can also be wooden, steel or leather according to you dining table. Along with these vital things you can also add to the room’s beauty by placing eye catching buffets and side boards. Sitting space can be increased using dining benches which can be placed there when required.