Master bedroom typically has a wide area and has the main focus of entire home. It contains windows, a door for privacy, cupboard, bed desk and bench and a master size or king size bed. There is an attached bathroom also in most of the bedrooms. Some other accessories of common use are television, laptop or computer with table with a lamp on it, wall clock and some scenery. Floor is covered with carpet with a match or contrast of all other colors of master bedroom. All interior décor items and accessories may be a traditional or modern aged. Care should be taken for maintaining the symmetry of styling and designing. Bed, mattress, cushions, comforter, bed sheets, blanket, desk and bench foam and if there is still space available, keep sofa set in it for guests to sit there. Paint and white wash can be selected according to personal choice. Dark and light colors combination in walls and ceiling can be a good idea. You can select simply dark or simply light colors in the whole bedroom.  Another idea for a best bedroom is to adopt the traditional interior decoration of the local area.  Here we are presenting you top 16 master bedroom designs, top 16 master bedroom interior decoration themes, top 16 master bedroom beds, top 16 master bedroom floor designs, master bedroom decor according to location, city and country.

Hotel Top floor Master Bedroom for a perfect view of Whole City
Trendy Master Bedroom for Europeans
Best Master Bedroom Interior Decor Vanity Touch
Contemporary Master Bedroom design
Golden and white shining Master Bedroom
Small Home attractive light color interior decor of Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom in Hotels for travellers of Hilly Areas to keep full view of entire area
Luxurious Master Bedroom interior decor for winter Season
White and Dark Grey color of Master bedroom with complete accessories
White Golden touch of master bedroom
Multi color interior Decor style of Master Bedroom
New Spacious Modern Master Bedroom
Romantic Master Bedroom with Enchanting Purple Color
Simple Modern Master Bedroom
Purple Romantic Bedroom Luxury Home Design Romantic Contemporary Master Bedroom for Girls
Spacious Old Styled Master Bedroom Decor