A place in a house where you make your guests sit and also with your family you sit all together that’s why it’s a bit more important to think carefully about its decoration and arrangement of the furniture. Following are some tips regarding the decoration of a living room:

  • Space:

First of all and most important is to check the available space and area of your living room and then think about its distribution among the furniture items, accessories and other decorative materials. Decoration is all about the perfect utilization of the space available that’s why most important is to keep your living room’s space under consideration while taking any single step. Mostly it is better to have a large living room as sometimes the number of guests can increase too many.

  • Color scheme:

The color scheme goes with the color scheme of the rest of the house but another thing which should be kept in mind that if your living room is small then its better not to use dark colors like black, chocolate and red etc as they can make the room look dark. Instead of them you can use light bright colors like white, rust, yellow, off white and silver etc. if you already have the furniture which you are going to arrange in your living room then its better to set a color scheme according to that. Means if you have wooden furniture of classical look or even modern look then colors like white, off white, cream and mustard etc suits with it a lot.

  • Furniture:

The furniture which has to be arranged in the living room can be wooden, iron or leather but the thing which is more important other then the appearance of the furniture is its comfort level. Whatever the furniture looks like but it should be comfortable, the user must not feel any disturbance or problem while using it. Sofas, lounge chairs, bean bags, tables, chairs and arm chairs can be a part of any living room. Semi circular leather sofas are very trendy these days and they also provide more sitting space then normal regular sofas. Sofas can be decorated with cushions of different shapes. A table in front of the sofas will not only be a decorative step but later it will also provide a place for putting certain eatables for the guests. Round coffee tables or square glass tables or even wooden tables can be used for this purpose.

  • Accessories:

Accessories which can be used in a living room are lamps, vases, indoor plants and rugs. You can carpet the whole room but if you have done good quality flooring then you can just use different rugs at different places like under the sofas, near the fire place and near the entrance etc. shelves and cabinets can also be a part of a living rooms as it describes your affection towards reading. You can arrange your favorite books, novels, encyclopedia and other religious books in your shelves along with decoration pieces like small glass balls, ships and vases. Placement of indoor plants near the windows and entrance of the living room gives a fresh look to the room. Large or small lamps can be placed at the side tables of the sofas.

  • Electronics:

In electronics you can choose TV, plasma TV and computer for your living room. Whichever is your TV it is important to place it at the position where it can be visible from any part of the living room but for arranging the computer this thing can be ignored as only one person has to use it so you can place it any empty corner of the living room.

  • Others:

Other things which can not only enhance the decorative sense of yours but also express your feelings are the paintings or photos hanging on the wall of your living room. You can use the pictures of you family framed, landscapes, sceneries and you favorite paintings for this purpose.