Dining room designs

Dining room is a place in a house where the whole family sits together thrice a day for having their meal and this is very refreshing part of the day when everyone is together and have fun. Due to this dining room seeks quite importance in a house. There are certain things which should be kept in mind before designing a dining room. The things are as follow:

  • Space:

The space of the dining room should be according to the area of the house and according to the family members. It means that if there are more family members then you require a large spaced dining room as all of them have to sit and eat together. Besides family members you also have to consider the whole area of your house as it doesn’t look good to reduce the area of other rooms for having a large dining room.

  • Color scheme:

Everyone has a color scheme for his/her house and according to that you can paint your dining room but mostly people like to have a light color scheme in dining rooms as it goes well with any kind of furniture. But if you have already a furniture set then you can get a color scheme similar to that or in contrast to that. Mostly used colors in dining rooms are white, off white, rust, tin cream etc.

  • Lounge or attached dining rooms:

Some people want to have a separate dining room step away from their kitchens while some people with small families set their dining tables in their kitchen in one corner and other kitchen accessories in other. While you can also make an attached dining room by building it next to your kitchen with a door between them through which you can move between the kitchen and dining room. You can also have an outdoor open air dining room where you just have to choose a part of your house and then have to arrange you dining set there.

  • Dining tables:

Dining table sets depend upon the members of the family because the length of the dining table and number of dining chairs depend upon the number of family members. The dining sets can be iron, wooden or even glass. It can be rectangle, square or round in shape. Dining table and chairs can be covered by table and chair covers going with the color of the room. It not only gives an eye catching effect but will also save the furniture and increase its life span. The sitting place of the dining room can be increased in time of need by placing dining benches in the room which can be pulled near to the dining table when required.

  • Lighting:

The arrangement of light in dining room is very important as everyone wants to look carefully what he/she is eating and for that proper light source is required. There should be two or more tube lights or energy saver bulbs and in addition to them you can also hang the hanging lamps on top of the dining table. This will add into the beauty and attraction of the room.

  • Accessories:

Other accessories and things which can be placed in a dining room and which also goes with the theme of the room are crockery show case, lamps, candle stands, flower vases, rugs and lounge chairs. Different types of rugs can be used for placing under the dining table as it will dominate the existence of dining table in the room. Wall hangings and curtains are meant for a dining room along with certain indoor fresh plants placed in large vases in corners. Different photo frames on the walls, crockery cabinets and certain room decorative things can be arranged on the cabinets and shelves.