Office design ideas

Offices are mostly meant for the workers who are hired for a job of 9 to 5 and according to this a person who works in an office spends most of his time in his square room named as office. If the surroundings of a working person are according to his/her liking and comfort level then it gets easier for him/her and more enjoyable to work there. As a result of this the whole gain is of the employer so it’s advisable to give friendly and adorable surroundings to your workers. Here are some tips for comfortable and beautiful offices which can be taken under consideration while designing an office:

Fabulous Office Interior Decor
  • Space:

If you are going to make an office hall where multiple workers can work at the same time then you have to divide the available space in equal parts to all of them. You can just arrange the desks and chairs along with necessary things in different styles like two desks facing each other or two in one corner and two in other etc. Another idea is to give equal space to all and stand wooden walls between them as it looks like their cabins and they can work easily with privacy also. In offices, space should be utilized carefully as there is little space.

  • Color scheme:

The color scheme of office should be elegant and soft as gentlemen work in offices and their surroundings should also be gentle. Colors like white, off white, cream, mustard, rust, mud and olive can be used in offices.

Another factor affecting the color scheme of an office is what is going on in that office or what type of office is that. It means that if the office to be decorated is a management office then above mentioned colors goes well with it but if it is an office of a painter, interior designer, fashion designer or artist then you can give different bright colors to express you thinking and full colors mind which shows your capabilities. An office of a fashion designer can even be in a funky look as it goes with his/her profession.

  • Furniture:

If you are wishing to select the furniture for the small wooden cabins then an office desk with lots of drawers, a chair and a shelf is all enough for the cabins space.

If the meeting room of an office is concerned a long table with lots of chairs around it is the main furniture of a meeting room so that multiple people can sit at the same time. Big office chair, book shelves, sofas and side tables are also some essential parts of meeting rooms in offices.

For the room of the boss there should be a large table and it will be classier if it is semi circular and glass made with a big revolving chair, large number of book shelves, chairs for sitting, sofas and small tables like coffee tables can be some furniture things.

All the furniture of office should be of leather at least of the boss’s room and in other places you can use wood furniture and the leather furniture should also be in black or white as they are gentle colors but if you are designing a fashion designer’s office you can use bright colored leather sofas and other furniture.

  • Electronics:

Electronics which are not only necessary in any office but also add to its appearance and enhance its looks are computers, lamps, type writers, telephones, fax machines, fans and air conditioners. These all things are essential for a better looking office as it gives good impression on the person coming in your office for the first time.

  • Accessories:

The accessories of any office are books, lamps, vases, paintings and globes. All these things can be arranged in different places on the basis of beauty and need. Cabinets are also counted in accessories in an office.

  • Café:

If you are designing or decorating an office then you must fix some area for cafeteria where you can make a small office cafeteria by placing some coffee tables and bar chairs there. You can place some electric kettles, coffee maker and sandwich maker in that café and can provide a light lunch and coffee whenever they want without going out of the office this will also add into their efficiency.